About our service and contracts we provide

About services and contracts

Installation & commissioning of gensets

We provide complete solution for installation and commissioning of gensets of any capacity or any make or as per consumer’s requirements. You can bank on our more than three decades of experience.

Generator Consultancy service

We provide generator consultancy services for purchase or hire of required capacity of gensets after a complete assessment of your power requirement.

Diesel generator Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Under this contract we provide scheduled maintenance of  the gensets of any capacity or of any make owned by the consumer.  If this service is availed it will avoid sudden breakdown of the gensets. 

Diesel Generator Operation & Maintenance Contract (O & M)

Under this contract our trained operators perform all day-to-day activities form operating and maintaining consumer owned gensets of any capacity or any make. With this contract our consumer can avail all the benefits covered under the AMC contract along with a staff provided by us to maintain your genset. This is a hassle free solution to all your genset related requirements. 

Automatic Mains Failure panel installation (AMF)

Automatic Mains Failure Panel is an electrical installation that automates the process of switching on  the generator automatically  when a power cut is detected and switching off the generator automatically when power is restored. 

Soundproof acoustic canopy for Gensets

Generally open gensets are noisy and there is a need to reduce the noise level as per the CPCB norms. Hence we provide a one stop solution for all your noise problems. We provide soundproof acoustic canopy that reduces sound and our elegant designed acoustic canopy design doesn’t accumulate heat in it. The canopy is a container made of special combination of materials specially placed in a durable and light weight container that reduces genset noise drastically.

Complete Genset repair and overhauling

Gensets after a regular use or when it ages it requires repairs. When it shows sign of wear and tear or any unusual activity of the machines is an indication that the machine requires complete overhauling. We provide a complete solution for all the repairs and overhauling required for the genset of any capacity or any make.

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